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Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm is a law office in Bulacan that has litigation lawyers and attorneys who zealously advocate for the legal rights of their clients. We enforce the legal claims of our clients from the investigation, demand letters, and negotiations to the filing of pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, and appeal.


We understand that litigation can disrupt the business operations of our clients. We try our best to provide our clients the most cost-effective solutions to their legal problems without going into a lawsuit. Our priority is to place our client in a strong bargaining position during negotiations. We represent clients in arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.


If a lawsuit becomes inevitable due to the impossibility of an out-of-court settlement, the litigation attorneys of ABI Law are not afraid to advocate for our clients in any court and against any party. Our litigation lawyers extensive trial preparation, solid academic background, and communication skills make our clients confident about the outcome of their cases.


While we are a Bulacan law firm that specializes in commercial, civil, and labor litigation, we also represent clients in lawsuits involving other areas of law. No matter what legal issues your case may involve, Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm will be committed to providing you with efficient, hands-on, transparent, and responsive advocacy that you can trust at all stages of the litigation process.


Commercial Litigation | Civil Litigation | Labor Litigation | Appellate Practice | Arbitration | Directors and Officers Litigation | Business Litigation | Immigration Litigation | Insurance Litigation | Constitutional Litigation | Environmental Litigation | Family Law Litigation

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