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Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm is a law office in Bulacan that offers customized labor law and employment solutions for all kinds of businesses and employees.


It is indispensable for both employers and employees to have a solid comprehension of the different labor laws in the Philippines. Mistakes in the field of labor law would be too expensive for businesses. On the part of employees, their ignorance of the labor law provisions that apply to them might lead to exploitation by the employers. In both these instances, they would need the reliability of this Bulacan law firm.




All kinds of employers, whether businesses or non-profit organizations, seek our practical and responsive legal advice and representation on their labor law issues. While we can provide a quick solution to an employer’s labor law problem, we also make sure that its effects will last for the long-term. It is especially true for start-ups and growing businesses, where a single labor law dispute can erode their hard-earned profits. We institutionalize labor law policies into the internal organization of employers to prevent future controversies. It saves time, money, and effort.


Compliance | Legal Retainer | Litigation | Collective Bargaining | Non-compete Agreements | Handbooks / Rules and Regulations | Classification of Employees | Unfair Labor Practices | Breach of Contract | Compensation Agreements | Confidentiality Agreements | Employment Agreements | Non-Disclosure Agreements | Separation Agreements | Severance Packages | Trade Secret Agreements | Workforce Reductions | Pre-employment Testing | Regulatory Matters | Risk Assessments




A large number of employees are not concerned about their rights under the different labor laws in the Philippines. They hesitate to stand up against their employers in fear of losing their jobs. They are satisfied with what they are earning, when in fact, they should have been receiving much more than what they currently get. We provide legal counsel and representation to employees so that they will be empowered to claim their benefits and rights under the law. Our function is not just to make the employees aware of their rights, but also to fight for it.


Executive Compensation | Separation Pay | Retirement and Pension Benefits | Immigration | Wage and Hour Issues | Discrimination | Defamation | Harassment | Hostile Work Environment | Retaliation | Tortious Interference | Wrongful Termination | Equal Pay | Unpaid Benefits | Labor Unions | Invasion of Privacy

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