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Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm is a law office in Bulacan that serves both Filipino and foreign clients with immigration law concerns. We provide immigration advice and representation to individuals, families, employees, executives, and businesses.


We are a Bulacan law firm that deals with numerous immigration-related applications, petitions, and proceedings. Throughout the whole process, we advise our clients, prepare their documents and requirements, and assist them in dealing with the immigration authorities. Our immigration lawyers in Bulacan significantly reduce the stress of our clients brought about by the uncertainty and complexity of immigration procedures.


ABI Law’s immigration lawyers in Bulacan help clients who want to apply for United States (US) and Schengen visas. We do not guarantee that their visa applications will be granted. However, we assist them in preparing the requirements and in ensuring that they are in a great position as regards their US and Schengen Visas applications. We orient them about the interview and aid them in proving their “strong ties” to the Philippines.


When foreign clients want to live and reside in the Philippines permanently, our Bulacan immigration attorneys assist them in obtaining a permanent resident visa or special resident retiree visa, whichever is applicable.


We provide legal assistance to Philippine-based employers as regards the filing of applications for working visas of their foreign employees or consultants.


Take a look at the list of immigration matters handled by Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm.




Permanent Residence Visa on Account of Marriage to a Filipino Citizen |Immigration Litigation | Special Retiree’s Resident Visa | Special Investor’s Residence Visa | Extension of Philippine Tourist’s Visa | Deportation Cases | Visa and Immigration Assistance for Business Expatriates | Filipino Citizenship | Overstaying | Lifiting of Blacklist or Watchlist Order | Alien Employment Permit | Naturalization | Recognition of Philippine Citizenship | Consular Services | Philippine Passport Application | Business and Employment Immigration



European Golden Visa | Schengen Visa | European Citizenship or Permanent Residency | Immigration by Investment | US Visa Application | US Immigration Assistance | US Tourist Visa | US Business Visa | Police Clearances from Hong Kong and Singapore Police Departments | Individual, Family-based and Business-based Petitions and Visa Assistance | K-1 or Fiancée Visa | Spouse Visa | Children and Other Relatives Visa Petitions

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