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Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm is a law firm in Bulacan that offers tax advice and representation to businesses and individuals.


With the ever-changing tax law regime in the Philippines, clients seek ABI Law’s legal services with regard to tax planning, compliance, and litigation.


We team up with our clients and tax and accounting consultants to achieve tax efficiency, risk mitigation, prevention of tax controversy, and successful resolution of an inevitable dispute.


Our lawyers and attorneys, as led by Atty. Kyle D. Irasusta, CPAadvise and assist clients on matters which include:

  • Setting up and structuring of business and transactions with optimum taxes;

  • Tax efficient structuring of cross-border transactions;

  • Tax implications of mergers and acquisitions; 

  • Tax effects of dissolution and liquidation of business; 

  • Tax due diligence exercise;

  • Tax implications of commercial transactions such as loan, pledge, asset sale, share transfer, sale of land and other real estate properties, sale of business enterprise, and other commercial contracts;

  • Review of general tax compliance, including regular tax retainer services;

  • Preparation and/or review of supporting documents (e.g., contracts) to validly claim tax deductions

  • Review of monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filings to ensure tax compliance and minimize risk of future tax assessment;

  • Negotiations, settlements, and protests of tax assessments issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), through administrative and/or judicial appeal process (Court of Tax Appeals);

  • Appeal of local tax assessments;

  • Review of tax implications of employee compensation package, retirement plans, employee incentive plans (including stock options and stock awards/grants);

  • Confirmation of tax exemption or tax treatment through application or request for BIR Rulings; 

  • Confirmation of tax exemption or tax treatment through request for BIR Rulings; and

  • Application for tax treaty relief on matters such as income from dividends, royalties, or share transfer.


Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm is a Bulacan law firm integrates its tax law services with its specialization in commercial, civil and other related branches of law.


Tax Compliance Audits | Tax Litigation | Request for Rulings and Opinions from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) | Tax-free Mergers  | Protest of Tax Assessments | Tax Refund | Tax Compromise | Tax Credit | Estate Planning | Tax Abatement | Tariff and Customs Code | Local Government Tax

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