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Arceo Balmoja & Irasusta Law Firm is a law firm in Bulacan that provides legal counsel and support to individuals and companies in matters relating to land, real estate, property, power, energy, mining, oil, and commodities.


Our clients include public and private corporations, lenders, investors, contractors, consultants, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, and end-users.


Among the services that this Bulacan law firm provides are drafting of contracts and agreements, conducting due diligence on transactions involving natural resources, facilitating mining claims, applying for permits and licenses, fixing of rates, and complying with zoning laws and regulations.


Land Use Law | Energy Law | Environmental Law | Land Titles and Deeds | Agrarian Disputes | Mining | Water Rights | Oil and Gas | Land Reclassification and Conversion | Natural Resources Litigation | Permits and Licenses

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